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The Gold Crown Podcast

Aug 1, 2021

Howard Farran, the dental legend himself, joins us for part 2 this week on The Gold Crown Podcast - The Guide to Financial InDENTpendence. Dr. Farran is a DDS, MBA, MAGD, graduate of pretty much every advanced CE course you can imagine, an Amazon #1 best selling author of “Uncomplicate Business,” Host of Dentistry Uncensored, founder of Dental Town (which has over 250,000 members), was ranked incisal edge’s 32 most influential people in dentistry, has published multiple articles, created media companies, and much more! Every dentist out there has something to learn from him, and he generously shares his thoughts on a wide range of topics. 

In this 2 part series we discuss the value of savings rates, minimizing expenses, developing personal finance and business awareness, and many other subjects. Enjoy!